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As a general rule, certificates only describe a small portion of our true skill set. This leads to essential expertise not being acknowledged in an individual’s professional life or in an application, although it is put to good use every single day.

We offer the LifeCycle Portfolio as a method that helps you to systematically document, assess and certify all the skills, proficiency and expertise you have acquired throughout your life – through your education, in your professional career, in your private life or in unique situations. This helps you advertise your own remarkable skill set in the best possible way.


We offer the following types of portfolios:

  • Professional Portfolio

With the Lifecycle Portfolio ‘Professional’, we can professionally tailor, document and accredit your individual expertise and experience for your pursuit of a post-secondary education (university studies or professional training).

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  • Biography Portfolio

The Lifecycle Portfolio ‘Biography’ is ideal for those who want to document their professional careers. This type of Licecycle Portfolio can be used for applications.

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  • Compact Portfolio

The Lifecycle Portfolio ‘Compact’ is ideal for those who want a quick, comprehensive documentation of a shorter phase in their career. This Portfolio is handy in situations in which certain qualifications that are part of a job requirement have to be attested, rather than the entire professional career.

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